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Crane1In 1803, Nathaniel Rochester recognized the resources of the Genesee River and purchased the land. Harnessing the power of the falls, businesses became increasingly abundant, and Rochester, NY was formed. With all the creative genius and energy that flowed through the land, the natives of Rochester NY chose to make this city a near Utopia as they pulled together, brainstormed revolutionary ideas, and began to make baking flour.

Earning the Nickname “The Flour City” Rochester also gave birth to companies such as Kodak, Xerox, and Paychecks, creating significant technological advances. Unfortunately, upon a strong business foundation, here lies-today… a broken city

  • Poverty is over twice the national average
  • Rochester is the 5th poorest city in the country
  • Well over 160,000 people do not have enough money to feed themselves and their families.
  • Only 4% of all high school students in Rochester go to college

In recent years, The Roberts Enactus has used its resources to complete projects in our city, Rochester, as well as India, Guatemala, and Uganda. This year, we decided to shift all our efforts to the broken city that we call home.

What could happen if we focused all our resources on students struggling to graduate from high school, in a poverty-stricken school district? What could happen if we spent all our time to help underemployed refugees reach their earning potential? What could happen if we used all our knowledge and training to enrich local small business in the midst of a downturned economy?

Could we make a difference? Could we make an impact?

Could we change lives….