Full Circle Jewelry



Full Circle is a jewelry business that reaches across the globe to Huehuetenango, Guatemala to a little coffee shop. In the summer of 2016 a team of Enactus students from Roberts Wesleyan College boarded a plane with a business plan in hand to start up a coffee shop in a small community near an orphanage known as Story International. Over the next few weeks, a coffee shop was born that had been months in the making from both Rochester, New York all the way to Huehuetenango, Guatemala. After a few rocky months our Enactus Vice-President got business running smoothly and returned home for the Fall semester. But, as with any business, the business in Huehue was touch and go, and right now they just need a little extra revenue to boost their capital to cover expenses. That is where we, Full Circle, come in. Over the course of the past year we have poured over making jewelry from both Guatemalan currency to United States currency to connect the communities once more through entrepreneurship. Enactus has connected these two communities and our business continues to do so as a stepping stone for first-time business owners in a small community.







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