About Project ELEV8:

Roberts Enactus is excited to bring kids back on campus for another life altering weekend, and we have extended the weekend to three days. We have also been partnering with many organizations within 14621 to help the transition of the weekend go smoothly and to help follow up with the kids. Roberts Enactus has partnered with local 14621 recreational centers and churches that are ready to support and help the kids in their projects. By expanding the event into three days, we will be able to dive deeper into the topics laid out for the weekend and give the kids more time at each activity to fully grasp the concept. Roberts Enactus will also be partnering with the top 3 teams again this year to help them start up their projects. Our goal is to Elev8 the kids to their full potential!

Mission Statement: To provide an inspiring and hopeful atmosphere that will empower youth in our community to reach beyond society’s expectations and make a lasting change in their community.

Focus: 8-10th grade at risk youth in the City of Rochester (14621).

How: Holding a three-day weekend for Elev8 youth on the RWC campus, coached and hosted by RWC students with an emphasis on hope and spiritual development.

What: Elev8 students will design, present, and receive funding for community service projects, participate in team-building,  attend instructional workshops, and experience “college life” in a meaningful way.

To be a part of the the next ELEV8 Weekend, fill out a participation application, and send it back to us!

Volunteering with Project ELEV8:

The best way to prepare for the real world is by facing real world challenges. That’s exactly the opportunity you’ll have as an ELEV8 Student Participant or Student Volunteer. This is not a simulation or case study competition. Enactus teams teach families how to gain financial security, equip the unemployed with skills to find productive employment, help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success, and bring economic development back to struggling neighborhoods. Along the way you’ll develop the kind of teamwork, leadership and communication skills that can only come from real life experiences. To be a volunteer at ELEV8 weekend, please email us: enactus@roberts.edu