Our Vision


It is our goal to become a leader in the inner-city of Rochester within five years. For us, leadership means better brand recognition within the business community and greater networking and financial investments in local businesses and organizations.  Our goal will requires projects that focus on the city of Rochester and more business to business operations.  We believe that if our team works together to incorporate focus, smarter work ethic, and fulfill the calling to be a neighbor to the inner-city of Rochester, we can achieve our goal and ultimately become more competitive.

Our Core Values Are:

Fuel—Our enthusiasm and excitement for what we do provides the energy and drive to accomplish measurable results.

Togetherness—The success of the Enactus team involves every member.  We support, encourage, and help each other as we work.

Distinction—We strive to complete projects that demonstrate a high level of responsibility and excellence from the members involved.

Diligence— Our team endeavors to produce meaningful projects through hard work and commitment.

Reflection—When choosing projects, we consider the needs of our community and world, aiming to reflect the character and heritage of Roberts Wesleyan College.